Dammit, Dragon Age.

You’re the prettiest RPG I’ve seen in years. You’ve got a few bugs, but you’re also incredibly polished. I am loving the hell out of you so far.

Except… (spoilers for about 8 hours in follow)

The first time I am able to talk with Morrigan after she joins my party, the very first question I can ask is:

Uh… what?

I haven’t seen you as a shapechanger! No shapes have been changed! The only shapes that I’ve even encountered are your rather questionably exposed breasts!

Dammit, Bioware! How in the hell did you let the ruination of a surprise that big through QA?

Oh well. Back to it, I guess.

Oh, and sorry I haven’t been that prolific lately.  But I’m sure you remember the last time I posted, about all the games that were coming out?  Yeah, that happened.  Don’t worry, it should only last for another month or so.  Then I’ll get back to angrily chastising badly made Japanese RPG’s.

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  • I was pretty blown away by them letting something that big slide. And I know how big you are on not being spoilered (which is apparently a verb now, like science). So you have my extra sympathy and rage points.

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