3,654 days

Hes taller than me, but not by much.

He's taller than me, but not by much.

Day 1 of my new life. Today I start my new job as a game tester at Legend Entertainment. It was a great first day; I got to play Wheel of Time for most of the day, and talk to intelligent people, whom I didn’t know, about video games. Life is good.

That was what I wrote on my personal web site (they weren’t called “blogs” yet) on August 25, 1999.   Ten years of game development later, life is still good.

The highest point: Three weeks of directing some of the best voice actors in the business as they acted out every line of my script — and raved about it as they were doing it.

The lowest point: Getting caught in a wave of layoffs two months later, and watching the universe that I had created get mangled to the point where it was savaged in the press upon its release.

There have definitely been more highlights than lowlights, though.

Bring on decade #2!

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