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  • @JosieNutter Don't worry. The way the story is structured, there's no "to do everything". It all unfolds naturally over the year. in reply to JosieNutter #
  • @JosieNutter I pretty much sucked at fusing for about 80-90% of the game, and never really had to worry about it, so I think you'll be okay. in reply to JosieNutter #
  • Worse Blue Dragon omen: that disc 1 had a beer stain on it, preventing it from initially loading, or that the first enemy is a "Poo Snake"? #
  • I see that Alpha Protocol's pre-order bonus is a free copy of Space Siege. If you don't pre-order, then you get three copies. #
  • @Obsidian_Ent That wasn't a dig at you guys — I was the original writer on Space Siege before it all went downhill. We all bear the scars. in reply to Obsidian_Ent #
  • I need to stop committing to things on Tuesday nights during the Summer of Arcade. I didn't even get to play any Shadow Complex last night! #
  • Shadow Complex = crack. Must use recent death as excuse to stop playing. Must not keep filling out map squares. …okay, five more minutes. #
  • Time to put down the #ShadowComplex and go to Industry Night. #
  • I'm going to take #ShadowComplex going permanently black after my last death as a cue to go to sleep. That next gun can wait for 18 hours. #
  • Wow, to say that the #ShadowComplex ending came out of nowhere would be a pretty big understatement. Other than that, a pretty awesome game. #
  • @whiskey_diet You're right, instead of getting ready for bed at 1am, I should definitely be posting Twitter updates about stage dives. #
  • @whiskey_diet No, I'm just old and feeble. #
  • Hours 83 through 86 of Persona 4. This will be my last liveblog for a while, I think: #
  • Aww, man, there's an item you can't get in Shadow Complex if you don't get it before a story event happens. Booo! …time to start over. #

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