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  • @JosieNutter Sure, I could do that. And I still have all my PS2 cables (and the PS2 they belong to), so let me know if you need connectors. in reply to JosieNutter #
  • Watching the attract mode of SF4 while I write its review. The title song is not on the list of things that I've missed about the game. #
  • If I'd known I was never going to get any top 10 choices from my queue, I probably would never have signed up for GameFly. Pretty lame. #
  • I'm not really familiar with much of The Beatles' work, but this game is still calling to me. Love the UI, too. #
  • Hey, GPG: Go see "District 9". Then explain to me again why we absolutely HAD to come up with a "real" name for our aliens in Space Siege. #
  • Since I haven't bought a Madden game in four years, maybe I missed this. But thank you, EA, for finally getting the jersey fonts perfect. #

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