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  • @ginnielizz We're breaking up. in reply to ginnielizz #
  • Just completed Final Fantasy VII for the fourth time. Only this time, it featured a very special guest – my fiancée, @ginnielizz. Hooray! #
  • Ten hours in to Persona 3 and I'm not hooked. Guess my first impression (back in '07) was correct. Or maybe I shouldn't be going backwards. #
  • Another week, another PlayStation Store update without Trine. QQ #
  • Hey @GameFlyInc, what's the deal? You received two games on Monday, but have only shipped out one so far. Don't make me come over there! #
  • $15 for Kings Quest I-VI on Steam. But do I really want to give that money to Activision? Maybe I should just Paypal it to Roberta Williams. #
  • This weekend: Red Faction: Guerrilla (360), and Drawn to Life (DS). They should help me forget about the sauna-like conditions at home. #
  • Developers, please properly constrain your ragdolling. #
  • inFamous screenwriter: it's "the first of which I've come across [with] a big idea and a character arc." What games has he actually played? #
  • I've spelled "PETUNIA" three times in an hour. Is that a bad thing, @PopcapGames_BWA? #
  • After spending far too much time creating the perfect Drawn to Life avatar, I'm exhausted. Time for some Devil Survivor on the flight home. #
  • Devil Survivor limits you to six letters for all name fields. Come on, Atlus, at least give us kana if you have to pull this 80's-era stuff! #
  • Broadstripe is now directly affecting my ability to enjoy games — namely, Fat Princess. This is unacceptable. Why, I oughta! #
  • So my first-ever game of Madden 10 (via the demo) ends in a 0-0 tie. Sometimes I long for the days of Joe Montana Football for the Genesis. #
  • Firing up Persona 3 feels like driving to the dentist. I'm about 45 hours in (just got Aigis) – does it ever get, you know, interesting? #
  • I'm trying to think of a shorter phrase that would sour me on a game than "Wolfgang Van Halen: Bass". I mean, come on! It's Michael Anthony! #
  • New liveblog (a few weeks after the fact) for my limited time with Star Ocean: The Last Hope: #
  • While the 'Splosion Man demo is downloading, here's my last Persona content until P5 comes out: Persona 3 can go fly a kite. That is all. #
  • @JosieNutter Read my blog post. :) The combat tutorial is really off-putting, and way too complicated. Not that the game is really worth it. in reply to JosieNutter #

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