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  • Just seeing Everyday Shooter for the first time. It’s not at all what I had pictured. Pretty impressive nonetheless. And sleep-inducing. #
  • May have been too hasty in returning Bionic Commando to Gamefly this morning. Maybe I’ll buy it for the 360 soon, and throw Grin some cash. #
  • New liveblog of my final hours with Bionic Commando. I owe it that much, at least: #
  • Just got the “bad ending” of Persona 4. Just like pretty much every branching ending ever, it was completely disappointing. Time to reload. #
  • Tried to play some Point Lookout before bed, but “The Steam Servers are currently too busy to handle my request”. Well, good night, then. #
  • I’m only 30 seconds into the Trine demo ( and I already love it. Definitely an immediate purchase when it hits PSN. #
  • @jeffgerstmann You reviewed Dark Messiah when it came out. It’s only $5 this weekend on Steam. Think it’s worth a purchase at that price? #
  • “Sorry, but I don’t do group trips.” Oh, Bethesda. What would we do without you? *extended, heavy sigh* #
  • Eighty-two hours and forty minutes later, I have finally completed Persona 4 — with the “True Ending”. Best RPG in at least seven years. #

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